‘The radiating classical journey of…..Amita Duta’


AmitaDutta’, the eminent katthak dancer, Uday Shankar Professor of Dance and Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at RabindraBharati University, has been serving the classical world of dance more than two decades. She was trained in the strictest classical traditions under Pdt. BirjuMaharaj, Prof. BelaArnab, Pdt. Vijay Shankar and other leading maestros of Kathakgharanas.

Why women empowerment still lacks even in 21st Century?

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After the seventy years of independence, are we really independent? Do our women feel the freedom, freedom from the barbarity against them? Now, It’s time raise our voice. In this puja, Turnstone Global is announcing the new movement ‘Ullas ‘. We strongly believed that ‘Empowering the Women, we are empowering nation’.

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