Turnstone Global Cricket Academy

At Behala Parnasree

It is beyond saying for the overall development of a child, physical activities are compulsory with their academics.
Keeping this in mind, Turnstone Global founded the Turnstone Global Cricket Academy in the year 2014 at Behala, Kolkata with the sole aim of providing quality cricket and to create an infrastructure to encourage them in sports with the facility of playing cricket and overall physical fitness of a child.
Our coaches use innovative techniques while teaching them various subtle tricky cricket. The students are divided into various age groups. Apart from quality cricket, emphasize is given on the physical fitness with the help of various fitness equipment. For practice and confidence building regular friendly matches are organized with other cricket groups. Throughout the year, coaches try to teach best cricketing techniques to give a gift of good cricketer to the Nation.
We are happy to share that the academy is selected to play in the bellow 14 cricket in the West Bengal.

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