Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is the belief behind Turnstone Global?

We believe that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. Believing in this principle of ‘Civic Driven Change’ Turnstone Global sensitize the civil society in order to make them partners in its mission.

2. Does Turnstone Global work in other parts of India too?

Presently, the Organisation not only works in different districts of West Bengal, but also in the states of Dehi & NCR, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Odissa,Tripura, Mizoram, Assam and Meghalaya.

3. How old is Turnstone Global?

Turnstone Global was established in the 20th November 1990.

4. What is the vision of Turnstone Global?

To make a world free from poverty and injustice where every human being irrespective of their age, sex, cast, creed, religion, birth place, disability enjoys the right to life with dignity and to empower the marginalized section of the society by enhancing their knowledge, skills, capacities, access to opportunities, services and their participation in life’s decision.

5. What is the mission of Turnstone Global?

Facilitating the holistic empowerment and development of the disadvantaged section of our society and help them to achieve their highest potential and prepare them to face challenges in life with high confidence.

6. Who are the people behind Turnstone Global?

The realization of a group of young corporate professionals, that it was their Social Responsibility to give back to the society, laid the inception of Turnstone Global. Turnstone Global is managed by a Board of Advisors, comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise, followed by an Executive Committee and a well defined professional workforce.

7. Which areas does Turnstone Global work in?

Turnstone Global has been working in the thematic areas of education, healthcare, child protection, sanitation and empowerment of women and girls, spots, awareness and legal advise.

8. What is the working model of Turnstone Global?

Turnstone Global works under two models, namely Social Venture Philanthropy (SVP) and Outreach.

9. What is the source of funding for the organization??

Around 70-80% funding support of the organization comes from corporates ; the rest comes from PSUs, individual donors and private institutions.

10. How much of the total money go towards Turnstone Global's development projects?

77.5% of all funds go towards expenses on various welfare projects (including capital assets required for projects), administrative expenses and finance cost account for 10.5% and 0.03% respectively and the remaining 11.97% is the surplus which is transferred to the next year for utilisation. (2015-16 figures)

11. Does Turnstone Global provide internships? If yes, how can I apply for it?

Interested candidates can go to contact us section of our website and write to the relevant section or department they are interesting in interning with.

12. How can one associate with the organization?

In our journey so far, we have received immense support from numerous individuals, many private and public sector companies, development agencies, educational institutions, public figures and the mass media. One can associate with us in any of these above mentioned ways. Please visit the contact us or get involved section of our website for more information on the possible ways of being involved in our journey.

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