Our mission is “Quality health to everyone.”

India after 70 years of independence is still struggling to provide basic health support facilities to its citizens. Though there are legislations and policies exist still basic health care for the rural and urban poor is distant dream. We have just one doctor for 1700 persons. Poor infrastructure, lack of doctors, expensive medicines, tough geographical terrain etc. are the hindrances to avail the quality and affordable health care to the masses.

Our mission is “quality health to everyone” to reach this mission Turnstone Global has started its health care initiative for the under Privileged since 1999. Under our health care initiative various health camps are being organized in rural as well as urban areas of the country. Turnstone Global alone or with its partner is successfully organizing both general and specialized health camps for the poor. A general health camp team comprises of General physician, an assistant nurse, A specialised health camp has a team of specialized doctors like Dentists, Ophthalmologists, E N T, Audiometrists, Gynaecologist, Orthopaedic, General physician, an assistant nurse.

The health camps not only diagnose the ailment, we give instant relief such as first aid, distribution of free medicine, free cataract surgery in network hospital, distribution of free spectacles,distribution of hearing aids  ,referrals for special ailments.

These camps not only focus on curative health care, the gathering has  also been educated on preventive health care program through discussions, distribution of leaflets and live demonstrations and Behaviour Change Communication activities among the community.

And so forth we have done 892 health camps touching the life of more than 90,000 patients.

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