Dear Friends,

Another year passes and the excitement continues to build. We are on a growth spurt, not only geographically but also innovatively. As we look back at the year 2016-17, we find ourselves being more grounded, more articulate about our non-negotiables and more adaptive to external situations. It has been a year where we have achieved our targets amidst challenges. Responding to challenges has strengthened our resolve to respond to any situation and take it in our stride. This year has been a year of experimentation, learning and evolving for us. The year threw up many challenges, prompted us to push ourselves to new limits, become innovative and emerge with new insights. It made us face many situations where we were challenged to change, modify or recreate the modality to work with our beneficiaries. However, what did not change for us is our zeal to create a ‘society based on the principle of equal, accessible and affordable education and health for all ’. The path for this work has never been smooth, and we have faltered, learnt and evolved into being more rooted and compassionate. We are delighted to have exceeded our targets across all of our programmes. We have also strengthened and streamlined our interventions through regular monitoring, evaluation and timely strategic decision making throughout the organization. In times of crisis and pain, what motivated us to stay stable is the faith that has been bestowed on us by our beneficiaries, partners, funders, volunteers and well-wishers.  Amidst all of this, we are kept motivated when we see little smile in the face of our beneficiaries. This year we were fortunate enough to see many such moments, and we would like to give you a glimpse of these through this annual report.

In the year 2016-17, Turnstone Global has been able to touch the lives of 69,432 individuals including 54,457children and rest adults. This takes Turnstone Global overall outreach to 11, 33,244 individuals directly, since inception and indirect outreach to over 46, 43,572 individuals. Our growth rate hit 11% this year.

We used a ‘Bottoms up’ and ‘Top down’ approach, taking inputs from all levels of staff, Trustees and external stakeholders to map our priorities and the roadmap to scale our work. We unanimously decided to focus on three areas:

1. To continue to create evidence based models on community based participatory approach to improve education and health indicators in the most vulnerable areas and marginalized communities;

2. To scale our impact through replication of these models, through other NGOs and the Government; and

3. To build our organization’s capacity to support scaling through partnerships.  The decision to scale our models through partnerships is a cost effective but bold measure, given the complexity of working in partnerships.

We initiated our first partnership this year with Atmik in Bandel, West Bengal, with our model on [education for the children of migrant worker]  subsequently few more partnership models has increase our understanding of working with partners, different contexts, refining our interventions and eventually leading to a cost effective way of increasing our footprint and scaling our work.

In this year, Turnstone Global has seen exponential growth. We have expanded our presence to many new states including Delhi, Bihar, Orissa and Rajasthan. We are developing new, innovative solutions to increase the impact of our work through programmes such Asumang, Urte Pankhe, Validations and more emphasis on skill development and livelihood generation. And finally, we strive to be completely transparent and have a clear-cut 5-year plan to reach as many beneficiaries as possible.

The role that the Partners play in these efforts deserves to be specially mentioned. We have for many years been working together with visionary CSR partners who have supported the projects. This year seven new partnerships were established in the CSR ambit, bringing the total number of CSR partners to 15. Additionally 32 other partners, state governments, banks and financial institutions, National foundations and organisations have supported the projects. The complete list of partners is included in the report. We are looking forward to continue to be partners in development and hope that we will be able to expand and increase the impact of the work in the years to come. I also want to thank our 124 employees who are the backbone of the organisations and who make the real changes in the field together with the people. The dedication, professionalism and passion of our employees are our greatest asset. Thank you also to the many who have been volunteering through Company employment engagement and in other ways and thank you to the many panchayats, local teachers, passionate and youths helping out many a time in the projects to overcome and organize  day to day challenges, prepare community events, sharing knowledge and debating and much more. We are looking forward to continue the cooperation with all of you! We invite you to partner with us to ensure we expand our reach through the length and breadth of the country and even cross borders.

Thank you

Dr. Kanchan Gaba

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