Imagine a world where all people can walk and learn, love and live – really live – without fear. Where we all are free to get where we need to go, be who we need to be. Where our everyday actions and highest institutions are guided by the prevailing values of dignity,equality, and justice. Where we all enjoy – really enjoy – our two square meals a day, good health and education to grow. I hope you’ll see that world coming alive in these pages. Because with your support, Turnstone Global is working to build that world today. From Kolkata to Ludhiana, from small villages to college towns,we are inspiring new people everyday to take the actions small and grand that add up to real, irreversible culture change. Whether a father in Assam refusing  early marriage or a  fraternity member  in Mizoram  standing  against  sexual  assault, women rallying for gender equality or girls marching to make the streets their own, together they are saying:
We all belong. We all have worth. Self-respect start here, now, with us. From 1990 to 2016, from 1 centre in 1 state to 100+ centers across 8 states, from 10 beneficiaries to
9000 direct beneficiaries and 1000000 indirect beneficiaries , from 2 employees to 100+ employees, 562 volunteers, from pocket money driven organization to thousand donors with more than 4 crores turnover, Turnstone Global has come a long way in its journey. While many things have changed in
these years, the one constant has been our philosophy of embracing change.
No matter how successful we were, there  was always this restlessness to do more, and to create a
larger impact, since it was needed and we could do it. The task we have set for ourselves is daunting. It has never been done by anyone, anywhere in the world. Skilling 1 million youth in next 10 year with 100 per cent livelihood commitment is what drives us to look beyond the present; it makes us reach into the future.
The challenge, however, is to reinvent ourselves. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, said
Mahatma  Gandhi.  And  we  realize  that  we  have  to  transform  ourselves,  as  individuals  and  as  an
organization, for the transformation to happen in society. While one can measure an organization’s success  by various indicators, very rarely is it  measured by its most  fundamental driver: the energy and passion of its people. The focus of this year’s Annual Report is exactly that
–PEOPLE. This Annual Report celebrates the pain, the passion, the ‘never say die’ attitude, the conviction and the positive
attitude of every associate of Turnstone Global, who works silently and tirelessly, in the background, at the grass-root  level with the community and in centers and offices  around the  country. The sum total of what they do is the story of Turnstone Global. It is a story of many people who treat
work less as a job, and more as an inner calling; people who are empowered, and lead far more than they follow.
From  battling  with  the  bullocks  in  Punjab,  to  the  extreme  weather  in  hills  of  Sikkim,  from  (being
tortured soul by extremists in Jangal Mahal in West Bengal) working with children in slums of Kolkata, to being neglected soul by parents just being disabled in Tripura
-the stories are far too many for us to carry in this Annual Report. But here are a few to take inspiration from. They are from those who “are living the change that they wish to see”, who in the very true sense, are building the India of
As, our initial emphasis was to empower the visually challenged. However, over a period of time, we
have expanded our interventions to address the  multidimensional  factors  of  underdevelopment.
Today,  our  different  Pillars  program includes  the  key areas  of Women Empowerment,  child  labor elimination,  education  for  all,  accessible  and  affordable  health,  skill  development, Job Creation, sanitation and hygiene, disability care, in one word 360 degree development of an individual.
This year most of our programs did reasonably well and some could have done better. More than five new  programs were  added, perhaps  we  have  added a  new  thematic  area  of  work  i.e.  formation  of self-help group with the support of micro financing in future to empower women.
As a part of a self-assessment, we conducted study on the achievement level of children who attended our learning  centers and children  who  have  not  attended our program,  our non-formal centers in slums. It was encouraging to see that the performance of children in our non
-formal centre was much better  than  the  other  group.  Similarly  remarkable  performance  of  visually  challenged  students supported by scholarships in Board exams, the number of youth  occupied in skilled job after receiving
vocational training and the number of women receiving  supplementary income through art & craft and the positive impact of the Inclusive Education Project  are our motivation for continuing the core programs & projects.
Turnstone  Global  would  like  to  specially  thank  all  the  Faculty,  Interns  and  volunteers  for  their
continuous selfless support. The organization has grown further with the help and support of all the family  members. We  would  like  to  thank  all  the  members  and  their  families  for  strengthening  our activities and achieving success.
No words are sufficient to thank all the donors for our different projects who have been our constant
source  of  support  and  strength  over the years.  With new  donors  stepping  forward,  we  are  steadily
gaining the much-needed strength to pitch our projects to newer heights. We would like to specially mention the continued support by Amway Opportunity Foundation, Bharti Airtel ltd, Spencers Retail ltd, Dabur India ltd, Tata Pro
-engage, Tata Motors, TCS, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Lib
rary foundation, Give India, Guidestar, NASSCOM,Concast,
Cognizant Foundation, HDFC, Swachha Bharat Mission
and many others  in  our  projects  and  we  aspire  to  build  a  lasting  relationship  with  them. We  continue  on our
mission  of  empowering  the  underprivileged  with  Compassion  and  Humility.  We  hope  for  ongoing
support in areas beyond finance – the priceless gifts of time, knowledge and skills. We look forward to having more volunteers join hands with us in making a difference to society as  we inspire hope for a better tomorrow for all. We are pleased to have some of our donors and volunteers sharing their experience while working with us. Contribution of all our volunteers, donors and networking partners
was very significant for the development of the organiza
I would like to thank them all for the trust and support you have in us. We hope you will support us till we realize our vision of ‘a just society where individuals have access to equal opportunity’ for all . As always, we tremendously value the painstaking efforts and investment of time more than just the financial contributions of each of our stakeholders. We  have always found that as our relationships deepen,  we  have  been  able  to  collectively  handle  any  constraint –
be  it  funds,  efforts,  technology, resources  or  any  other.  We  consider  it  a  great  privilege  and  honor  to  be  part of  such a committed team as Turnstone Global readies itself to scale new heights of service towards society.
Thanks everyone for standing shoulder to shoulder
Yours in Service,
Dr Kanchan Gaba,
Secretary,Turnstone Global

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