Meet our lovely kid, who has transformed himself with the help of our Abhilasha didi.

Abhilasha is Turnstone’s non formal education program started in 2013 to support kids who are out of school in the slums of Kolkata. Started with 35 students in one slum of Basanti Coloni, presently we have 394 students in our role.

Apart from Basanti Coloni, we reached to the slums besides Niccopark, where the most of the  children are migrant of Sunderbon at the time of Cyclone Aila disaster.Innovative ways of learning, two way communication, motivate the students to attend the classes regularly.

Apart from studies, they are equipped with other skills such as dance, drawing handicraft etc.

Abhilasha also takes care of their nutrition needs [distribution of tiffin daily] and health requirements including menstrual health of adolescent girl.No fees of any structure is being charged from them.

Beside these activities another important aspect of our program is mainstreaming of children into Government Schools and preventing them from dropping out of schools.

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