Sanitation and Hygiene

An absence of sanitation and hygiene contributes to the scope of health and environmental issues. The subsequent disorder cause enduring and loss of opportunities to earn a living or gain an education.

Over the years, however, we have understood that sanitation and hygiene assume a critical part in protecting lives, and expanding health and prosperity. after diversifying in 2012 turnstone global undertook various community development programmes like housing, sanitation, hygiene etc.

Sanitation Programme in Malda, Darjeeling and Punjab

In Malda, Indian house hold latrine programme under Swachh Bharat Abhiyanwas implemented by turnstone global with the help of local NGO, English bazar gram unnayan samity. Work for the program started during the last quarter of 2013- 2014 and within 31st march 2014, approximately 389 latrines were constructed under the programme bringing the figure to an average of over 3.5 per day.

The organisation spread this activity in 2014- 2015 in Darjeeling district. A total of 1000 latrines were built during the tenure.

In 2015 with the support from Bharti foundation in Ludhiana, Punjab, Turnstone Global started this project in samrala block and also in few villages in Doraha block. Hundreds of households who use to go for open defecation now using these household toilets and getting benefited from the project.

Hygiene Awareness in Non-Formal School at Basanti Colony

More than 60,000 children in India do not reach the age of five due to infections like diarrhoea and pneumonia. Independent research has shown that washing hands with soap can reduce the incidence of these infections significantly. The experience shows that children are in the best position to bring in this change among their respective families.

With this ideology in mind, turnstone global has started a unique hand wash program in all its remedial and non-formal educations centres. To stop the spread of sicknesses due to lack of proper hygiene the teachers are training the students about the advantages and the right technique to wash their hands. The students are groomed to act as ambassadors to spread this awareness.

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