Scholarship for economically backward students and students with disability

To boost the morale of the students and promote education among the underprivileged, Turnstone Global offers educational scholarship, both at school and college level. Earlier this opportunity was only provided to students suffering from visual impairments. Later by widening that scope of activities with the motto to help, Turnstone Global extended its support towards the underprivileged, economically backward and disables students who are of dire need of it. Selection is done purely on the basis of the students’ merits and their economic condition.

Scholarship is divided in two levels. First is the school level where the students ranging from class 6 to 12 are given Rs 300/- per month to support their tuition fees and to buy other educational aids.

The second level of scholarship is given to students pursuing higher education at college or university level. The scholarship amount at this level is Rs 500/- per month and selection is done on the basis of class 12 board performance or performance at gradation level.  In addition to their performance, the economical condition of the students’ families are duly considered before the selection. Every year more than 500 students get benefitted from this programme.

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