Name: Yudhajeet De (100% Visually Challenged)-Chess Champion

Age: 20 years FIDE Rating: 1735

“I enjoy playing Chess and want to be a Grand Master”, says 20 year old rising star Yudhajeet. He is all set to represent India in Asian Chess Championship 2017”.

For Yudhajeet life is a challenge and he wants to face it like any other human being. He started playing Chess at the age of 12 years. He says ‘’ I love chess because it does not restricts me to participate only in the differently abled tournaments but I can compete against any one I want.’’. He feels that Chess has changed his life having increased his confidence and made him calm, and composed. Coming from a lower middle class family he acknowledges the fact that his parents had made a lot of sacrifice to support his passion.

After holding the 6th position in The National Chess Championship for the Blind – (National B) Yudhajeet managed to add another feather on his cap. He said ‘’ It was a do or die situation. One wrong move could have thrown me out of the tournament but now I am excited to represent my state in National Chess Championship for the Blind – (National A) in Mumbai.

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